Oral Histories

Popular Oral Histories:

Recognizing we have much to learn from past and current organizers and activists, Popular Praxis works to interview and record social movement elders as well as younger movement participants, to preserve these important popular histories for contemporary and future reference.

Together with SoMove: Social Movements Oral History Tour, in 2014 in Providence, RI, Popular Praxis hosted RI Social Movements Oral History Workshop and launched a project to capture videoSoMove Oral History workshop DARE 2014 and oral histories of social movements in Rhode Island. This work continues through the RI Social Movement Oral History Project, to document, share, and archive stories and lessons from past and present social movements.

This is a grassroots effort, your involvement is welcome! Please be in touch if you are interested in being a volunteer or intern to conduct or edit interviews, or if you know of Rhode Island elders with histories of activism, who would be willing to share their insights and stories.

Please contact Camilo Viveiros, camiloviveiros@gmail.com